Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sewing in my quest for frugality

I had some pants altered about 18 months ago. It was so expensive (almost $100), that I proclaimed I could sew and would perform my own alterations the next time.

Eighteen months later, I am on my second sewing machine. Have made two blouses, multiple pajama pants and shorts (very easy), two skirts (one started as a pair of pants) . . . I'm still learning but, have had some successes. My thought is that if I can wear it in public without embarrassment, it is a success!

It's fun and allows me to express myself with a lasting, tangible item.

Right now, I have about 15 patterns to work on and a LOT of fabric. I have gotten some great deals on fabric. I started cutting out a skirt today (Vogue 8603) which is adorable. I found the pattern on sale for $3.99 and the material cost $4.21. It is a tweed in black/white fabric. From a distance, it looks grey. It should be extremely cute once finished.

Anyway, I have a stockpile of most toiletries so, I have not been shopping as much. Plus, it is premiere week for GA and I am preparing for that show!

Be frugal,

Frugal JD