Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm trying to create a list of goals which will motivate me to pay off my debts faster.

Right now, the only motivation is to pay off the debts so that I can spend more. For me, this will lead to spending more and the debts will remain.

Today, I spent time with a spendthrift. I encouraged him to clip coupons, make a list for the grocery store and plan meals. He purchased toothpaste at Target. It was a good deal for $3. However, if he waited until tomorrow morning, he could have purchased the same thing at Ralphs for $0.50. Of course, that motivated him to pick up a Sunday newspaper and compare the grocery ads to the coupons. It would have been nice if he offered me a portion of his savings but, I am just happy that he won't throw away any money this week.

He then signed up for something called The Coupon Game. I don't know how this works (if you know, please explain it to me). It looked as if he had an old list . . like I said, I don't understand the site.

If you have not already guessed, I am a coupon clipper. My methods are simple: subscribe to the Sunday newspaper, clip coupons for items that I use or am interested in, keep coupons in a folder, keep coupons that expire at the end of the current month in a separate envelope or in my coupon organizer, throw away expired coupons at the end of each month. Works for me and takes less than an hour each week.

There are other methods and some people keep a pricing notebook. I don't because I know which items are at good prices and which are lower at other stores.

Clip some coupons and save some money,

On the stroll

Friday, September 28, 2007

October is a great time to start seriously paying off debt and saving

I'm a mid thirties professional with under $10K in credit card debt but over $100K in educational loans. Therefore, I am on the stroll for school loans.

I realized that I could take a weekend trip each month, buy a newer car or simply save more for retirement with the $700 in loans made to Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo.

Not long ago, I had this idea that after grad school, I would have free time, take extravagant trips and never think about grad school. Then, my wonderful school gave me this letter which said that I owed almost $200K in loans! Whoa, Nelly. Where did that come from?

Of course, they overestimated. I consolidated but, two loans were left out of the mix. I guess they were unsubsidized or someone was making too much money to let them go . . . this is why Sallie Mae is a pimp.

Anyway, I hope that I can share some moneymaking and moneysaving ideas with you.

On the stroll