Friday, September 28, 2007

October is a great time to start seriously paying off debt and saving

I'm a mid thirties professional with under $10K in credit card debt but over $100K in educational loans. Therefore, I am on the stroll for school loans.

I realized that I could take a weekend trip each month, buy a newer car or simply save more for retirement with the $700 in loans made to Sallie Mae or Wells Fargo.

Not long ago, I had this idea that after grad school, I would have free time, take extravagant trips and never think about grad school. Then, my wonderful school gave me this letter which said that I owed almost $200K in loans! Whoa, Nelly. Where did that come from?

Of course, they overestimated. I consolidated but, two loans were left out of the mix. I guess they were unsubsidized or someone was making too much money to let them go . . . this is why Sallie Mae is a pimp.

Anyway, I hope that I can share some moneymaking and moneysaving ideas with you.

On the stroll

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Serenity23 said...

Good luck with removing that Pimp!