Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This Week's Grocery Deals

In my effort to save money and eat at home (with a side of weight loss), I am scouring the grocery ads to see if I can make meals out of what is on sale.

Let's start with Kroger:

Untrimmed Tri Tip 1.99/lb
Cuties Tangerines 2.88/3 lbs (there is a $.55 coupon for these and Kroger doubles)
Pasta Roni 10/$10
American Beauty Pasta 10/$10
Frozen Veggies (Kroger Brand) 10/$10
Hansen's Soda 2/$4
Jazz apples $.99/lb
garden salad and slaw $.99 each
They are also having the buy 10 get $3 off. Unfortunately, I only would need cookies (did anyone see the weight loss above?). Really, I could maybe buy the ritz, cookies (for the kid--in me), microwave popcorn, Breyer's or Klondike (what would you do for a Klondike bar?) and Capri Sun. Not enough to buy ten of anything. As possible side deals, colgate whitening is $1.67 (there may be coupons) and softsoap (I think it is less elsewhere). If you follow the drugstore game, you will probably get the toothpaste and softsoap for free.

Stater Bros:

T Bone Steak (any size) $3.77/lb
Boneless pork loin chops (any size) $1.97/lb
Foster Farms Chicken Half Breasts (family pack) $.99/lb
Strawberries $1.99/lb (fresh)
White Corn 3/$.99
Marie Callenders Meals $1.88
Northern or Brawny $5.99
Welch's Juice or Juice Cocktail $1.99
Stouffers Entrees $1.99
Farmland Deli Ham (coupon) $2.99/lb
Red Baron Frozen Pizza 2/$5
Corn Tortillas (Mission) $1.29 (various flour and corn)
Flap Meat $3.99/lb
Pork Shoulder $.99/lb
Bulk Bacon $2.49/lb
Large Red Delicious Apples $.99/lb
Fresh Express Salad 2/$3
Cauliflower $.99/lb
Red Seedless Grapes 2 lb/$3

Oroweat Bread $1.99 w/store coupon
Lucerne Butter $1.99/lb w/store coupon
Progresso Soup b1/g1 free
Broccoli $.99/lb
Saltines $1.29 Saturday and Sunday Only
Nature Valley Granola Bars 2/$3 Saturday and Sunday Only
Stawberries $1.99 Saturday and Sunday Only
Safeway English Muffins 6 ct $.99
Colgate or Crest Toothpaste $.99 4.6-6.4 ounce tube
S&W Canned Beans $.99
Daisy 8 oz sour cream $.99
Safeway Artisan Filone Bread $.99
Red Baron Singles $1.99 w/store coupon
Romaine, Green or Red lettuce $.99 each
Zucchini or Yellow Squash $.99/lb

Check for unadvertised deals.

Based upon the list above, I may have:

Sunday - carne asada, grilled corn, salad
Monday - pasta with tomato sauce and sausage (from the freezer)
Tuesday - seafood (freezer), zucchini, sauteed cauliflower
Wednesday - Sauteed Pork Chops, pasta primavera
Thursday - Tri tip, corn, squash
Friday - T-bone, potatoes, salad

Most of the food for the above menu is directly from the loss leaders at each store.

By the way, if you live near a Henry's, Sprouts or similar store, check out their produce prices. Usually much better than mass grocers.

Happy February,