Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ikea Lost Me For Life

Not that it was the only place to shop but, occasionally I would stop there. I simply wanted a clothes dryer (for sweaters and shirts). I found what I wanted, picked up a couple of other items and headed for the register. WTF!

At the register, there were long lines. I saw about 7-10 (wandering in and out) employees watching the lines. All of the lines were self service. ALL. Eight self service lines were each about six customers deep. And employees were standing around. There were certainly other available registers. All of them were closed and blocked.

You could say that the economy is bad. You could say that they didn't have enough staff. But, it is hard to explain why so many employees were standing and watching paying customers stand in line. There were even other self serve lanes -- all closed!

So, I get to walk through your huge showroom when I just need a few items, use a self-checkout, and wait in a long line for the privelege of buying at your store? I do not think so. I prefer not to stand in line or to use self checkout. If I have to stand in line, either I have selected the wrong time to shop or you need to adjust your staffing. If I have to use self-checkout, I expect the best items with a discount.

I have high expectations when I shop. Why shop at a place where you are not respected? By the way, I have had a retail shop. If you had to wait longer than 30 seconds in line, you received an automatic discount. That is simply appreciating your customer (you know, the one that keeps you in business).

Needless to say, I will not set foot in Ikea again.


Frugal JD

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