Saturday, July 19, 2008

Craziness at work

Up until now, I have loved my job. Great atmosphere. Lots of work and it is work but, I like what I do. I know that I help people by doing my job well.

Yes, the company is known for boobs and wrinkle serums but, we do MANY other things.

Anyway, my boss has morphed into someone unrecognizable. I used to be impressed with his behavior and thoughtfulness.

Over the past month, he has done several things to make me feel completely betrayed. First, an employee left our department to go to another group. He sent an email to our entire department that she was leaving and I would absorb her work (without telling me first). I was annoyed but gathered from his email that if no one willingly left our group, I would lose a job (last hired, first fired). Then, he started playing favorites within our group. We are all in a small area so, it is obvious. I went on a vacation; I was told that I had to find my replacement. I found someone to cover for me. A week later, I had two co-workers go on vacation and I was told that I was covering for them. Okay, a double standard. I intended to address it at bonus time! Yes, a girl is all about getting paid. Then, they returned and two days later, he took them to a taping of Deal or No Deal (during the work day)! It was a secret. No one in our group was to know. There are ten of us. He took 2 during the workday, after they returned from 2 week vacations!

This man has never left the building without telling the entire group that he would be gone. This time, he disappeared without a word. When a co-worker asked him about the taping, he downplayed it and denied that the co-workers were with him. Sorry, but I saw you leave the building. I think he could be fired for this but, the dilemma is what to do?

Any tips?

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