Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm back . . . . been around the world or does it just feel that way

Man, what a week. President-Elect Obama! It's sad that I was too afraid to even hope for this.

Every time I watch the clip of Sherri Shepard on the View, I lose it. I rarely cry but, that has done it twice and I am tearing up just thinking about it.

Dude has his work cut out for him. The country is in shambles. Banks closing, businesses filing BK, homes being foreclosed. I actually found a home in the city I live in (IN CALIFORNIA) for $153,000. I haven't seen a home (with garage and fireplace) for that price in about ten years. It actually looked livable from the pictures. Now, I had to say that because I saw others that were priced higher that I would not use to house a dog.

Oh, back to my point. I just read Fresh's blog and he said that these are not the Huxtables, entertainers, sports figures . . . these are two people (Harvard Educated Attorneys) that worked hard and believed in each other. Can you imagine the belief Michelle had when her husband said he wanted to run for President? I want that kind of belief in my mate (which is why I am single).

I say that I am single because I am still a bit too selfish for that. But, I have yet to meet the man that makes me feel he can move mountains. Ever had that kind of faith in someone you dated/married?

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