Monday, November 24, 2008

It's me again!

The economy has tanked, it's winter and why are some radio stations playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving?

Not much we can do about the economy. It needs to reset itself. Clip coupons, eat out less and conserve cash! The holiday season does not mean that you need to go into debt. Make gifts, give the gift of time or barter. Seriously.

I bought a ton of gifts from Hallmark on clearance (and with a coupon). Target's clearance section is skimpy for the holiday so, I am checking my alternate sources. Put a clearance item in a cute bag (also found on clearance) with tissue and you look like you did something special. You can be thoughtful and frugal.

The best gifts I ever received were:
  • a towel to wrap around my body after a shower
  • an afghan made by Grandma
  • recipes

I have to admit that I am somewhat crafty. I recently took a sewing class (at 25% off) and made pajama pants. Cut out two pieces of material, sew the crotch, sew the legs and hem. Instant gift. And fleece is on sale/clearance at most sewing stores. Some stores even have ready made pajama pants for around $7 each (fleece and thermal). I also make body creme (mango and/or shea butter with jojoba oil).

Okay, that's it for holiday gift ideas.

Frugal JD

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