Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The bushes are back in Texas. I can be proud of our President.

Our President can speak properly, conjugate sentences, and pronounce nuclear! He is not a "C" student.

He is a family man that has a loving wife and children and believes in putting them first. I am so excited.

On the money saving front, you must try Jamba's new oatmeal (search for a coupon). I say to ditch the brown sugar (too sweet). The blueberry was quite tasty. My kid tried to jack mine. He wanted a stupid juice drink. I had fuel to keep me satiated for the day. We normally make steel cut oats when we have oatmeal and add brown sugar and blueberries. This is similar but, I did not cook and do not have to clean. With the coupon, it is only a dollar! One dollar; swap meet prices!

Anyway, it is a new year. I have very little debt besides my educational loans. Remind me to stay out of the mall.

On the stroll,
Frugal JD

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