Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Coupon Bonanza

I LOVE getting lots of coupons in the Sunday newspaper! Today was as good as last weekend!

Well, I didn't need much. Would love some fresh fruit but, seems in short supply. I ended up with bananas and oranges. Due to my dental issues, I passed on the apples. I may go back though because I had the most amazing apple pie last night.

According to my receipt, I saved $28.39 and spent $26.77! I did not even use coupons for most of the items I purchased! I LOVE IT.

Right now, the savings are earmarked for my big baby boy's Christmas.

Thanksgiving is in just over a week. I have the turkey breast, fried onions for the green bean casserole, bakings goods for the desserts . . . and have watched Martha Stewart's Thanksgiving Special.

Her trick to use a lemon to make the turkey juicy works and does not leave lemon flavoring in the turkey meat.

Last night, I attended a potluck for my cooking class (I made potato leek soup). I had lamb for the first time and met an interesting group of people. It was so nice to talk to people that understood how little good food there is in California. Very interesting people--okay, I have to say it, why would a 50 year old man need a myspace page? yes, he is in the entertainment industry. WOW.

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