Monday, November 26, 2007

Cyber Monday, Where?

I heard all weekend about these fabulous deals for online shoppers that would be available on Monday only. Well, I did not see any new deals. It was the same old line that was fed to shoppers on Friday.

I checked my ING Direct account and was very happy. I wanted to buy something that I would need. I need a hair dryer. My blow dryer is missing the vent cover . . . I would like to dry my hair without worrying about electrocuting myself because something flew into the wrong end of the dryer. I was hoping that Ulta or Sally would have something . . . nothing.

I ended up buying a CD that I have wanted since last summer. It was cheaper on eBay than using the 40% off discount at Borders. I keep checking for jobs but, I am patient and know that He will provide.

Enjoy Cyber Monday!

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NVRGVUP said...

I have heard so many great things about the ING accounts that I am tempted to get one and stop allowing uncle Sam to hold onto $5000+ of my money every year without paying me interest. Do you just love the fact that if you under pay your taxes and/or you pay them late Uncle Sam gets interest? However, when he has taken more than he should, he doesn't even say sorry just "your refund will be issued in 6-8 weeks." Ahhh the insanity!!!

Okay the rant is almost over...Cyber Monday, haa haa. They missed me with black Friday but Cyber Monday almost got me until I realized that my $105,0000 student loan payment is due. Then I turned off the computer and walked away. I am glad that you go a good deal.

Until next time...I love's Harpo, Lord knows I do...