Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Has it been a week?

Saving money is hard to do. Well, not so much when you don't shop.

Staying home, going to the movies, relaxing with friends. All save money!

Guess what I've done? All of the above. Have I shopped? Not really.

I really need a bucket. Simple, right? Not so much. Stopped at Target. Red buckets only. Great price of $1.49 but only in red. Red is not my color.

Hit the drug stores. $6.49 for a 1 gallon bucket. Red does not sound too bad right now. I will look at Lowes (I need to return some hardware) and if they do not have it at a decent price, will check WalMart.

I really need it to wash the car and mop the floor. But, with gas at $3.25 per gallon, is it worth an extra trip? I think I will improvise until I need something else from WalMart.

On the flip side, I needed to fill a prescription and had a nifty coupoon from C>V>S> to get at $25 gift card for a new or transferred prescription. The co-pay on the prescription was $5 and I have $15 left on my flexible benefits card so, I spent nothing to get $25. When C.V.S has a good sale on something I need, I can use the card or, I can save it for a Christmas present.

On the stroll

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