Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bertoli Pasta and other musings

Today has been a long day. Busy at work. Had to rush home to feed the man sized 11 year old and am now relaxing. I needed to check the post office box and pick up some bread for the kid's lunch. Instead, I'm on the phone with his dad trying to bribe him into making the lunch. If I'm nice, maybe he will.

Anyway, those frozen Bertolli meals are good! We had the one with pasta and sausage along with a green vegetable and garlic bread and the kid is happy. We also have ice cream for dessert but, I'll wait until he is in the shower to have that treat!

I was so discouraged because I though that I was short for my 1-15 bills. When I did the math, I have extra and do not even need to touch the ing account! I truly thought that I needed to empty that sucker and borrow some more money. Made my day to see that I do not need to borrow, I have money in 2 interest earning savings accounts and I'm fine. As much as I think I have gone over the budget, I have remained on track!

In my daily exercise in frugality, I went to Target to get Dunkin Donuts coffee. When I grabbed the package, I saw the Maxwell House. I grind my own beans and make my coffee daily but, I decided to try the Maxwell House as it was less than half the cost of the Dunkin. So, I will have Maxwell House for the next month and $3 extra dollars in my pocket.

On the stroll

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