Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vons is doubling coupons again (limited time)

Vons had really good sales this week but, they don't double coupons anymore. They bring it back a few times a year but, people complained that the lines were long because of people using coupons.

Well, now they do not have lines because no one shops at my local Vons unless it is to buy items on sale at REALLY good prices. Why? Their prices are HIGH.

Anyway, on my way to a more reasonably priced grocer, I saw the signs hanging that double coupons are back. WOO HOO.

So, I stopped in and for $30, had 7 bags of groceries. I had some things such as chips ($1.66 each), Bertoli frozen meals for 2 (so good and easy to make--$5.99), and assorted other items. Well, besides the chips, I had coupons for everything. Frozen veggies for $3.00 (2 boxes), four frozen pizzas for $3, Bertoli for $2.99. . . I'm pretty proud of the damages. I think I saved over 63% by using coupons.

I do not make any menus nor do I cook huge meals on weekends. I simply buy what we like. We are well fed and the cabinets are full. I do not make elaborate lists. I am antsy if I am in a store for longer than 30 minutes (including the checkout lane). By 2pm on a Sunday, I want my shopping complete for the week, unloaded and put away neatly. Now, if someone can give me some easy way to get a good movie on Showtime each Sunday at 2, that would make my day!

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