Thursday, October 4, 2007

Well past my bedtime

Last week, I had an insatiable desire to shop. This week, no desire at all. I feel that I have what I need. What a difference a week makes. I think it is the blog. Others can see what I am up to and keep me in line.

I just went over my budget for the remainder of the month and I will be about 400 under budget this month!

Here are a couple of tips:

If you buy books, sign up for a frequent buyer card (if it is free). I have a Border Rewards card and just bought a book that I wanted to read and it is not at a local library . . . after the discounts, it cost me $4.73! Originally $19.99!

I had a long conversation with a co-worker about store credit cards. She was against it because she knows she can't control her spending and an extra discount makes her spend more than intended. For me, it works -- well, it would if I would pay the darn thing off each month. However, being able to purchase 3 tops to wear under suits for $17 makes up for the interest charge (becuase of the 3 suits I purchased the month before). None cost more than $79 so, they were good deals. I know I am rationalizing but, if you pay them off each month, you can get better deals in some stores by having a store card.

This month, I am trying to do like Single Ma and put all discretionary expenses on a credit card (which will be paid off in full each month). This month is the trial. I am brown bagging it or skipping lunch. $10 per day is too much for food that I do not want to eat (more on that later). So, already my spending has dropped drastically.

Anyway, I am terribly sleep deprived,

On the stroll

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