Saturday, October 6, 2007

Blew the budget - possibly

Today, I spent over $100 at Talbots. Completely unplanned. And somehow, I feel good aobut it!

I had a date. I wanted to look good but, be comfortable. I found Khaki's tht fit almost perfectly, a blue jacket (cotton) that fit beautifully and a purple top that works under suits or with jeans. Because I can wear it to work or for fun, I think it was a good deal.

I started the day with a garage sale with a friend. We only did the sale for about 90 minutes but, we both sold more than we anticipated. I think we made around $150 between us. We stopped because it was too hot, traffic dwindled and we were starving. I spent most of my earnings eating but, I cleaned my trunk, garage and provided items to someone that needed them at a fair price.

During the yard sale, we met a couple that had recently adopted their 7th child. I don't know how many were biological and how many adopted but we were so impressed by this couple. Adoption has been a goal of mine for a very long time. So nice to be reminded of it.

While I went over budget today (or ignored the darn thing), I also made some money with the yard sale. Because I have virtually eliminated the daily lunch ($10+ at a restaurant), I do not spend as much so, we're going to call it even.

On the stroll

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