Monday, October 1, 2007

October 1

two weeks ago, I started a savings account at ING direct. Ask for a referral, I heard that they were offering $50 to start an account with a $250 deposit. Yes, I would get a referral of $10 but, you would get $50 immediately. I only got $25.

Anyway, I earned my $25 with that account and added $100 yesterday. Based on my fine coupon clipping skills, I save $60 yesterday. I think I spent $93. My freezer is full and I stockpiled items for the future.

My goal is to follow Dave R. and rebuild my nest egg of $1000. I also got a new credit card and will transfer my credit card debt to that. No interest until January 2009! So, I want to transfer about $150 per month of minimum payments to this card for that period to pay them off!

One day I will figure out how to add a tracking feature but, let's just call this month the gimme. I will post what I'm doing to save and pay off debt until then.

I have picked up a couple of freelance gigs and posted some items on ebay. Those funds will pay off consumer debt.

On the stroll

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