Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Text Messages

I'm 36, I never thought I would communicate with friends via text messages. Once in a while is fine but, some people like to send 10 or more per day. Essentially, I have been forced to add a text plan to my cell. Of course, I have a very old plan with lots of minutes, rollover and free nights and weekends.

Originally I said that I would only add a text plan if the texts costs more than the plan. At the time, they were 5 cents each. I checked again last week and they were $0.15 each. So, ten would be $1.50. To add a plan, $4.99 per month. The plan includes 200 messages. Additional messages are discounted as well.

I have at least 3 friends that send texts so, I should be covered.

If only I could add nationwide coverage so that travel does not lead to EXORBITANT roaming charges. Of course, they will not offer that. To upgrade to national coverage would double (or more) my current plan. The good thing is that I am covered in CA, NV, AZ and somewhere else. It could be much worse.

I keep reminding myself that I am saving money by not having a landline. Any tips to saving on cell plans?

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NVRGVUP said...

Oh my goodness,
Welcome to textopia. I was wondering why I have received more texts from you lately. I have had my eyes closed to the text costs for a while. However, after closely reviewing my bill (not having money will make you do this) I realized that the extra charges on my bill had nothing to do with minutes. I found out that I was paying $100+ more per month because my 17 year old sends text messages to every teenager in the world. I also found that even though we have a family share plan which allows my husband and I to receive unlim text msg from Vz members our son's phone does not. This was a bit confusing because we are all on the same share plan. So needless to say my husband has agreed to pay $10.00 to save $100+ for unlimited "in" text msg for our son. Til' next time... "This life be over soon but heaven lasts for always."