Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Grocery Savings

Our local Albertsons had a great deal. I normally pass these by but, actually thought about it and wanted to go in on it with a friend. The deal was that you buy 10 items for $25 and the store gave $15 off. You ended up paying $10 for 10 items. Sounds good so far, right?

Well, I read the disclaimers a number of times. Essentially the only caution was that all items must be purchased in a single transaction. Sounds good so far. I quickly found 10 items that I wanted (a wide variety of items were included; frozen, chilled and canned). My friend did the same so, we decided to pay separately. At the checkout, I thought I was overcharged but, when I looked at the receipt, they took off the $15 once. There were no limits on the promotion. I went back and the store manager gave me the addtional $15 off. So, for 10 bags of food, I paid $27 (I did buy a few items not included in the promotion).

The bad thing is that the store does not double coupons. I had about 7 coupons for the 20 items I purchased through the promotion. So, I saved a ton and got several items for $0.50 (soup, break and bake cookies, snacks).

My friend went back yesterday (with coupons this time) and paid $6 for 10 items! He's learning.

I scanned the flyers last night and did not see any deals like that for the near future. I will keep my eyes out for baking goods because I try to buy spices, flours and other holiday baking goods just before Thanksgiving.

I am going to the mall at lunch today. I hope I can resist big spending.

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