Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Balance Transfers

Today, there were a few blog posts about Balance Transfers. Then, I received word that my new card has a balance transfer. I had forgotten that I wanted to transfer the balance to that card. That is a good thing for my budget. I will save about $40 per month in interest charges!

Yes, I have been a bad girl. At one time I had over $25,000 in debt. When my baby boy was born, I decided to get my stuff together and pay it off rather than add to the debt. Can I just say that I loved Barneys and Needless Markup and expensive cosmetics? Designer suits every day and getting cash from one card to pay another. Yes, I was dangerous.

Now, my total debt, excluding educational loans is less than $10K. That includes a car! I can pay that off in a year. I will add at least $200 per month into my high yield savings account and once I build my $1000 nest egg, pay those bills down.

I probably keep repeating myself but, I want to remind myself of my goals or I will just blow it off and increase the consumer debt.

My frugal tip of the day is freecycle. Freecycle is wonderful. The very item you need is probably being stored in someone's garage, gathering dust. And guess what? They will probably give it to you. I've given away school uniforms, books and movies.

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